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An overview of Overflow

Once you have read below - Contact us to receive a copy of the Print Cost Calculator or a Direct quote. Please provide us with your company name, site/store, and overflow service request. 

Please read in-full - we do our best to update as new questions get asked. 

~ We charge by the plate, not by the model or item. The calculator provided upon request can assist you in building and calculating the costs of each plate. The $/plate is calculated by the number(s) you fill out in the Print Cost Calculator (Total print hours, total volume of resin, total number of supported items, Total number of basic items (i.e. bases that require minimal support removal would be considered a basic item) and finally the total number of plates for the job. Reoccurring jobs are welcome. 


~ Use your slicing software (Lychee is preferred) to build a plate and estimate your print hours and volume of resin in ml. (Slicer Settings are listed in the Print Cost Calculator available upon request). Then input your numbers into the Print Cost Calculator to get a rough estimate of charges. You can also simply send us your Plate scene and ask for an official quote.  


~ Each Job can only have ONE Ship-to address - 1 plate minimum. Will ship direct to your customers or ship in bulk to your facility for distribution to your customers. 


~ Our calculator is not perfect and therefore may not reflect marketable costs in all cases. Lowering your layer thickness increases costs due to increased print times. Bare these things in mind when calculating your plates. Larger items may only require 100um where miniatures may require 30um or 50um.  You can also request a discount on your quote to help make your job costs work for you and your customers. We may or may not approve your discount request depending on the situation.


~ To get an official quote AND to schedule a job, we need all the scenes you wish to have printed (example below). build your plate(s) with the models you want printed. You must send a download link for all applicable lychee scenes (.lys files) to get approval on a quote and schedule a run time. Do not send over-crowded plates - the burn-in layers for each model should not be touching. 


~ We use the highest quality resins for excellent detail and to avoid damage and reprints. Color will be grey or light grey. We choose which resin based on what we feel will be best suited for each job. You may request a certain Atlas 3DSS and/or 3DRS resin be used for your job. We may or may not approve. The resin change may increase your costs. Custom or Unique Color may be available upon request at additional costs. 


~ We reserve the right to turn-down jobs for any reason - This is a first come first served service.


~ A single "Sample" plate can be requested to verify quality - Sample plates will receive a 50% discount (S/H not included).


~ We much prefer lychee slicer for plate files (Scenes). though we will accept Chitubox as well.

Services include Printing, post clean, support removal, post cure, box/ship.


~ We only print professionally pre-supported models, we will reprint any model that we break at no cost to you, we are not responsible for items that break during shipment. 


~ An Invoice will be sent when your items are ready to ship, shipment will take place after payment is received in full. If you have on-going print requirements - we may work out a weekly or monthly billing cycle.   

We are here to work with you, please do not hesitate to ask any questions or concerns you may have. 

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