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About 3D Overflow

Honest & Efficient Work

3DRS & Atlas 3DSS Sponsor a growing number of 3D Printing Merchants that print and sell hobby items from board game pieces to intricate models and miniatures.


If you are a 3D Printing Company looking for assistance during periods of high demand, your equipment is temporarily damaged and you don't want to loose sales, or maybe you are simply looking for a few days off; 3DRS Overflow offers a solution. 3DRS Overflow does not sell miniatures or compete with our clients, we are merely here to support you in your business goals by connecting a network of the best printers in the U.S.A. as your back-up employees. 

We print, clean, and ship plates you need printed in the highest quality resin. Thats it!

It is our goal to not only provide overflow services to the many companies within the 3D Resin Printing space; but also to find, connect and train hobby printers within a network of printing nodes for fast and efficient customer turn around time with low shipping rates. 

In times of high demand you can overflow your prints onto 3DRS Overflow. 

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